Video Resources

Here are several videos that might be of interest to members of the coalition. Please let us know of other video resources that we might want to share among our partner congregations.

There is no hungrier mission field in the world than young men and women who associate the Church with hatred, greed, and rejection. These are young people of all orientations, ethnic groups, and colors whose only exposure to Christianity has been TV "evangelists." Many Millennials don't know that there are churches and a few whole denominations where they will be welcomed and loved. If anyone ever questions the need for the Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches, play them Davy's video.

Coalition Related Videos

Here are a couple short videos by or related to the Coalition. Some of them are elsewhere on this website, but we just wanted them to be easy to find.

2012 Pride Parade

Special thanks to The Rev. Nanette Sawyer for this video.

2013 Ecumenical Service

The Coalition's ecumenical service entitled, "Draw the Circle Wide," was held at the First United Methodist Church, Chicago Temple on Sunday, June 23, 2013. The theme of the evening was taken from the choir anthem "Draw the Circle Wide" with music by Mark A. Miller and words by Gordon Light. The evening's choir was directed bt Jacqueline Boyd. The Coalition recognized the wide and lasting legacy of Rev. Greg Dell's embodied justice-making life, with the presentation of a special gift for him and his family. The sermon was presented by Bishop Wayne N. Miller, Bishop of the Metropolitan Chicago Synod of the ELCA (Lutheran), and Bishop Sally Dyck of the Northern Illinois Conference (United Methodist). Special thanks to Tracy Baim for these videos.

"Why We March" 2013 Pride Parade

The NALT Christians Project Videos

Here is a playlist for the videos collected by the Not All Like That Christians Project.

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