Annual Pride Events

Each year, some of our member churches host Pride-related worship services and educational programs during June.

Wednesday Worship Series

These are opportunities to plan a special ecumenical service with an LGBT Pride theme. Co-sponsored by the Coalition, one or more services are held each Wednesday throughout the metro area in different locations. These serve as “portals of welcome” and are designed to attract members, and/or visitors and/or guests from other Coalition churches. Contact to discuss hosting one in the future.

Other Events

Whether officially co-sponsored or not, our members host a wide array of worship and educational events. We coordinate publicity by creating a master calendar for print and our website. Contact to discuss co-sponsoring one in the future.

Annual Pride Parade

Each year, we turn out in force for an impressive witness of welcome at the Chicago Pride Parade. Here's a video of our contingent of over 300 in the 2012 Parade. Video courtesy of the Rev. Nanette Sawyer.