Post or Co-Sponsor an Event

It is our mission to help publicize events of our members, and we do so regularly without need of formal co-sponsorship label in these ways:

  1. We encourage member organizations to use our Yahoo listserv, Facebook page and calendar.
  2. We coordinate the annual Pride Calendar for Pride Chicago booklet, area publicity, bulletin inserts/posters and limited area posting.

What Does Co-Sponsorship Involve?

During Pride month and throughout the year, events that are "co-sponsored" include:

  1. Weekly worship in June, in keeping with CCWC tradition
  2. Events that CCWC volunteer leaders envision, and for which they reach out for co-sponsorship for logistical/outreach support from one or more local church.
  3. Events that CCWC members envision and for which they seek CCWC name for co-sponsorship.

Co-sponsored events are expected to be ecumenical.

Co-sponsored events include these mutual benefits and responsibilities:

  1. The use of all parties' logo and name on publicity materials.
  2. Distribution on-site of all parties' literature to the full degree desired.
  3. The opportunity for a representative of CCWC to bring greetings and raise awareness of CCWC.
  4. When an offering is taken, part or all of it will go to CCWC.
  5. Publicity of the event will be a shared responsibility.

Co-sponsorship will be considered and approved by the entire Planning Team.